Citroen DS

Mainstream players like General Motors and VW have historically relied on acquiring or relaunching brands in order to deal with a struggling industry. But Citroën decided to place an incredible bet with the creation of a new premium line. This was the first time ever that a mainstream automotive brand endorsed its own premium line rather than establishing a new, independent brand, as Toyota did with Lexus and Nissan with Infiniti. From an industrial, marketing, and branding perspective, the Citroën DS line was unprecedented in the automotive category. For the new DS line, Citroën’s design team worked with Landor Paris to convey a harmonious blend of forward-thinking technology and attention to beauty and detail. We gave the DS subbrand a refined and luxurious personality while still allowing the Citroën mother brand to shine through. Citroën built the DS Salon, a dedicated area for the DS line within the Citroën dealership. This was followed by the DS Store—a modern and luxurious area dedicated exclusively to DS models, with premium customization services. Finally, we introduced DS World—DS-line flagship stores in Shanghai and Paris, offering the ultimate DS experience to customers.

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